In this article, we will discuss on how to answer the critical thinking questions and verbel ability test questions. We will provide you some questions that will help you to understand what types of questions comes in competitive examination.

You will get some questions of gmat critical reasoning questions from the previous year questions.

What is Critical reasoning meaning

Critical reasoning questions are to test your ability of being aware of a wide range of sub jective analysis and how we interpret them. This types of questions put in the form of puzzles involving certain numbers of items, be it persons or any object.

The given answers will be looked like evey options are correct, but you have to analys them yourself. Answers may be different from you and others opinion.

These questions will be based on given conditions, family based problems and jumbled problems. The main characteristics of critical thinking are rationality, honesty, open-mindedness, discipline and judgement.


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Critical Reasoning Topics

There is not a Mentioned Topics for Critical Reasoning topics, you can follow the given topics for your practice of critical thinking test.

  • Different types of Arguments
  • Family based conditions
  • Honesty
  • Judgment

how to solve critical reasoning questions

This is a common qustion that how to solve these types of critical reasoning questions. The answer is it will be depeneded on your analysis.

some Example Questions for Practice-

Q.1 If you are a amanager and one of your emplyees is not working properly, as a manager you would…… ( Previous year Hotel management Question, year 2004)

a. Fire him

b. give the man two weeks to improve.

c. try to develp the man’s abilities and interest in another job.

d. talk to him and try to find out his problem.

Answer: B

It will depend on your thinking and answer will be depeneded upon you.

Q. 2 The Previous day of your interview, your friend comes and tells you that the expert for the interview is a very tough person. you….. (I.A.M 2003)

a. are not bothered, as you have prepared well.

b. are consoled that you have applied for other posts also.

c. pray that only simple questions are asked.

d. stop preparation.

Answer: A.

but your answer will be depended upon your thinking.

Q.3 What do you do, when you have to do an unpleasant task?

a. Don’t do it.

b. Do it little by little everyday

c. Do it as soon as possible to get rid of it.

d. do it at the last second.

Answer: D

But depends on you.

Thus questions are asked in a Critical thinking test.

More Questions will be updated very soon……