Hello guys, in this article, we are going to provide some general knowledge questions for kids from GK and Current affairs questions. These questions will be for general knowledge questions for kids, gk questions for class 1 to 4, gk questions for class 5 to 7 with answers.

so read this article and remember the questions given to you.

Q. Where we can find out the Angler fish?

Ans: In the Deep side of Sea.

Q. Which Animal is known as the Largest Animal in the World?

Ans: Blue Whale

Q. According to the Scientists which is the Most Dangerous Animal in the World?

Ans: Musca Domestica

Q. February Months Becomes 29 Days in every Year, The Year is known as….?

Ans: Leap Year

Q. What is the name of the Machine that we can Measure Rainfall?

Ans: Ombrometer

Q. What is the full form of ISP?

Ans: Internet Service Provider

Q. What is the full name of ‘URL’?

Ans: Uniform Resource Location

Q. What is the full form of USB?

Ans: Universal Serial Bus

Q. What is the Full Form of ‘VIRUS’?

Ans: Vital Information Resource under Size.

Q. How many Bytes are called Nubile?

Ans: 4Bytes

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Q. What was the name of the Passenger Vehicle that could be used to visit Space?

Ans: Uri Gagarin

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Q. Which colour is being used in the flag of the Asian Games?

Ans: White

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Q. In which year, the United Nations were formed?

Ans: 1945

Q. In which year NATO was established?

Ans: 1949

Q. What is the full form of ‘NATO’?

Ans: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Q. Eurup Day is Celebrated on which day?

Ans: 9th May

Q. What is the full form of ‘FBI’?

Ans: Federal Bureau of Investigations

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