GK questions for kids is a very important topic for the students of class 2, so we are here to help you with gk questions for class 2 in this article. we are always here to help you out with educational topics through Question Sangrah website.

We have included some mathametical questions as well as general knowledge questions for students for class 2 to 10th.

so let’s get started with gk questions for class 2 – 10 students:

Q. who was the first president of India?

Ans: Rajendra Prasad

Q. In Which year India got Freedom?

Ans: 1947

Q. Who was the main leader of Freedom of India Revelution?

Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

Q. In which year Constitution of India, Introduced first in India?

Ans: 1949

Q. when was the yandabu signed?

Ans: 1826

Q. Bharat Natyam a form dance of which state of India?

Ans: Tamil Nadu

Q. Ojhapali a dramatic form of which state of India?

Ans: Assam

Q. How much Union Territorial Councils are available in Inda?

Ans: 8th

Q. How many Schedules are there in the Constitution of India at Present?

Ans: 9th

Q. Who was the chairman of the Drafting Commitee of Indian Constitution?

Ans: B.R Ambedkar

Q. who is the executive Head of The Indian Union?

Ans: President

Q. Who elects the speacker of the lok Sabha?

Ans: b

Q. How many members in the Rajya Sabha?

Ans: 250

gk questions for class 1 and 2 with answers

Q.National income of India is compiled by_

Ans: Central Statical Organization

Q. By whom Monetary Policy is Regulated?

Ans: Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Q. Ten Rupee note bear the signature of __

Ans: Governor, Reserve Bank of India

Q. Budget is presented to the Parliament on which date?

Ans: The Last day of February

Q. Name the animal on the insignia of the RBI……

Ans: Panther

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Simple Questions for class 2

Q. How many days are in a single week?

Ans: 7Days

Q. What are the primary Colour?

Ans: Red, Green and Blue.

Q. Which colour has the maximum speed?

Ans: red

Q. Which is the easyest colour?

Ans: Yellow

This is all about gk questions for class 2 and we will update more General knowledge questions for class very soon in Question Sangrah.