If your kids grow with basic Knowledge, they will be comfortable to stay comfortably with the upcoming environments. so we are going to provide more than 100 GK Questions for Class 6 to 10th. We always providing gk for kids on this website.

Here are lots of Questions and Answers of General Knowledge that your kids should know or learn while growing and taking education at the primary level.

This Article about GK Questions For Class 6 to 8 With Answers In English

  1. Hindi is the official language of India under which Lipi?

Ans: Dewangiri Lipi

  1. How Much National Capital Areas are in India?

Ans: 1 (Delhi)

  1. How Much National Highways Are in India?

Ans: 87 NH

  1. Since when did the Railway start Operating in India?

Ans: 16th April 1853

  1. In what year was the first Orphanage system introduced in India?

Ans: 1927

  1. Which state of India is the Highest Populated in India?

Ans: Uttar Pradesh

  1. In which year was the first Constituent Assembly in India?

Ans: 1946

  1. Kerala High Court was established in Which Year?

Ans: 1985

  1. Which is the National Anthem of India and by whom was written?

Ans: Jana Gan Mana, Written by Rabindranath Tagore

  1. In what year was the song ‘Jana Gana man’ first performed?

Ans: 1911

  1. How much longer does it take for the ‘ Jana Gana Man’ song to be sung?

Ans: 52 second

  1. After Which year the Publication of the National Calendar started in India?

Ans: 1957


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We are going to provide you more Basik Knowledge for Kids with GK Questions For Class 6 to 8 With Answers In English. These questions and answers should be known to every child. These are gk about the nation for Kids, they will know the basic knowledge about India…..

Basic Knowledge Gk Questions for Class 6 to 10

  1. What is the National Animal of India?

Ans: Peacock

  1. Which is the National Animal of India?

Ans: Magnificent Tiger

  1. What is the name of the National Flower of India? 

Ans: Lotus

  1. Name the National Tree of India?

Ans: Ficus Bengalansis (Bat)

  1. Which is the National Fruit of India?

Ans: Mango

  1. Name the National River of India__

Ans: Ganga

  1. Which is known as the National Aquatic Animal of India?

Ans: River Dolphin

  1. Name the National Heritage Animal of India___

Ans: Asiatic Elephant

Q, Which is the National Monument of India?

Ans: India Gate, New Delhi

History Related GK Questions for Kids

If you are here and Searching Gk Questions for Class 6, then you have to know that these questions and answers are not only for class 6 and it is for every kid of India. These are the Questions that much have to Know. here are some more Questions for Kids

  1. In What Year did the Aryans enter India?

Ans: 1500 B.C

  1. In which Year did the Mughal Dynasty was formed?

Ans: 1526

  1. Which is the Capital of Himachal Pradesh?

Ans: Simla

  1. What is the Name of the Major state in India where zinc is found?

Ans: Gujarat

  1. What is the Ancient Name of Chennai?

Ans: Madras

Defense Related gk questions for class 6 to 8 Students:

Here are some Important General Knowledge Questions for kids with Answers in English

  1. Who is the Chief of Indian Army staff?

Ans: General Bipin Rawat

  1. Who is present Chief Admiral of the Indian Navy?

Ans: Admiral Karambir Singh is the Present Admiral of the Indian navy

  1. Who is the Present Chief of the Air Force of India?

Ans: Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria from 30 September 2019

  1. who was the first chief Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force?

Ans: Air Marshal sir Thomas Almherst

  1. Who was the first chief Admiral of the Indian Navy?

Ans: Admiral J.T.S hall

  1. Who was the first Chief of Indian Army?

Ans: General Kariappa

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