In this article, we are going to provide lots of gk Questions for class 6 to 8 with answers in English and Hindi. Those who are preparing for class 6 or above they can practice these questions for their future importance in their career.

These gk questions for class 6 to 8 with answers in English are given from their books which they have read or the books they are going to be read. so keep practicing these questions and remember the answers.

Gk Questions for class 6 & Kids MCQ:

  1. Sound Waves Are………..
    A. Mechanical waves
    B.Longitudinal Wave
    C. Pressure Waves
    D. All of the above
    Answer: All of the Above
  2. The Unit of Resistance is …………….
    A. Ohm
    B. Volt
    C. Newton
    D. None of these
    Answer: Ohm
  3. Mass of a body is expressed in ………..
    A. Meter
    B. Gram
    C. Second
    D. Degree centigrade
    Answer: Second
  4. Horse Power is Also a unit of …….
    A. Work
    B. Power
    C. Energy
    D. Force
    Answer: Energy
  5. The Ganga Pollution is due to dumping of ….
    A. Waste from forests
    B. Food Wastes
    C. Radioactive waste
    D. Domestic swage and Industrial Effluent
    Answer: Radioactive waste
  6. Noise Pollution hazards include……..
    A. High fever
    B. Stomach Pain
    C. Ear Damage, nausea, and dizziness
    D. none of the above
    Answer: Stomach pain
  7. Ozone Layer is being depleted by………
    A. Smog
    B. Sulphur Dioxide
    C. Carbon Monoxide
    D. Chlorofluorocarbon
    Answer: Chlorofluorocarbon
  8. Which the small Himalaya Kingdom is known as the Indian Protectorate?
    A. Bhutan
    B. Nepal
    C. Tibet
    D. None of these
    Answer: Nepal
  9. Which Country has the lengthiest constitution?
    A. U.S.A
    B. U.K.
    C. Canda
    D. India
    Answer: India
  10. Who Appoints three chiefs of Indian Armed Forces?
    A. Chief Justice of Supreme court
    B. Vice President
    C. Prime Minister
    D. President
    Answer: President
  11. Which one of the following is the largest mutual fund organization in India?
    A. SBI Mutual Fund
    B. GIC Mutual Fund
    C. Unit Trust of India
    D. Ind Bank Mutual Fund
    Answer: Unit Trust of India

GK Questions for Class 6 to 8 with answers in English

  1. India’s Oldest Iron and Steel Plant is……….
    Answer: TISCO at Jamshedpur
  2. How much Year does it take for Halley Comet to appear in every?
    Answer: 76 years
  3. Which Planet has the highest number of satellites?
    Answer: Saturn
  4. Which is the Deepest ocean in the world?
    Answer: Pacific Ocean
  5. Who Launched the Chipko Movement?
    Answer: Sunder Lal Bahuguna
  6. Who Introduced Railways in India?
    Answer: Lord Dalhousie
  7. When did Shahjahan transfer his capital from Agra to Delhi?
  8. When did Shivaji Assume the title of “Chhatrapati”?
    Answer: 1672
  9. Who was the founder of the Magadha Empire?
    Answer: King Bimbisara
  10. Where was the first sermon of Buddha delivered?
    Answer: Sarnath
  11. Which city was built by Emperor Shahjahan?
    Answer: Shahjahanabad
  12. Who is the Constitutional Head of the states in India?
    Answer: Governor of State
  13. The Sky Appears blue due to…
    Answer: Dispersion of light
  14. Oxygen is a____________
    Answer: Colourless gas, Odourless gas, Tasteless Gas
  15. The Head Quarter of ‘NCC’ is situated in…..
    Answer: New Delhi
  16. What is the length of a Football Field?
    Answer: 91-120 Meeters
  17. What is the length of the ‘ Table’ of Table Tenis?
    Answer: 9 feets
  18. What is the color of the Hockey Ball?
    Answer: White
  19. What is the Maximum Number of Players in a single team of Daba?
    Answer: 1 Player
  20. The Player ‘ Sachin Tendulkar’ is related to which game?
    Answer: Cricket
  21. What does LBW stand for in Cricket?
    Answer: Leg Before Wicket
  22. Which Country is ‘ Ronaldo’ associated with?
    Answer: Brazil
  23. In which year was ‘CBI’ formed?
    Answer: 1953
  24.  ” Cue” is a term associated with which game?
    Answer: Billiards
  25. What is the weight of a ball in a Table tennis game?
    Answer: 2.4gram to 2.53grams


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GK Questions for class 6 science

  1. what are the major types of Bloods found in the Human Body?
    Answer: A, B, O, and AB
  2. Which Planet is known as Red Planet?
    Answer: Mars
  3. What is the Maximum Number of Bone in the Human Body?
    Answer: 206 nos
  4. Which is the Highest Density Constellations in the Universe?
    Answer: Saraswati
  5. Who is the present President of India?
    Answer: Ramnath Kavind
  6. Which is the National River of India?
    Answer: Ganga River
  7. Who Discovered the structure of Atom?
    Answer: Ernest Radarford in the year 1911
  8. Who is known as the Quiz Master of India?
    Answer: Nil Abrayen
  9. The Cell wall is made up of…
    Answer: Cellulose
  10. Which is the Main gas of the Atmosphere?
    Answer: Nitrogen

Conclusion: This is all about gk questions for class 6 with answers.