Hello Friends, as we discuss on every topic related to Question or Education. Today’s Topic is ” what is an imperative sentence “. We will Discuss Imperative meaning, Imperative examples, How to identify Imperative sentences and some exercises for you.

There are Five types of Sentences in the English Language, those sentences are –

  1. Assertive or Declarative sentence
  2. Interrogative sentences,

iii. Imperative Sentences

  1. optative sentence and
  2. exclamatory sentence.

There are two kinds of every sentence mentioned above the line, those kind of sentence are –

  1. Affirmative sentence
  2. Negative sentence

As we have told you that today’s topic is Imperative, So let’s begin with Imperative sentences details. First of all, we will discuss imperative sentence definition and then we will go to exercises and rules of imperative sentences.


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what is an imperative sentence?

If in a sentence, we found the activity or it indicates to “Order, Advice, request, etc.” Then the sentence will be in the form of an Imperative Sentence. we can simply identify that sentence as an imperative.

for example-  Go there at once. ( This Sentence indicates to Order).

Do not run in the sun. ( we know that it advised someone).

Please Lend me a Pen. ( The activity on this sentence is requested).

Thus if we found any sentence, that indicates to Advice, order, request; then we can simply convert the sentence to imperative.

Imperative Meaning in Hindi

Some students can’t understand Imperative meaning in English, so they search for Imperative meaning in Hindi. Or Hindi is the mother tongue of India, so it will be better for them to Understand.

Agar kisi sentence ke andar hame Order karna, ya Request karna ya Advice dene ka activity dikh raha hain to usse ham Imperative kahenge. Simple Imperative meaning in Hindi yehi hai.

Imperative Sentence Rules

We have discussed the meaning of the imperative,  definition of Imperative, etc, so If you learn about rules of imperative then it will be easy for you to answer any questions of imperative or simply we can say that you will able to identify Imperative easily.

Rules of Imperative Sentences:

  1. At the end of the imperative sentence, there is always a full stop.
  2. Subject word ” YOU” of imperative sentences is always implied.

iii. Imperative Sentences are always in the form of Present Tense.

imperative sentence example

Examples will help you to understand and keep practicing imperatives for your examinations and for your future needed. so read all the imperative sentence examples given below.

  1. Do not waste time.
  2. Always prepare your lessons.

iii. please let him come.

  1. let us go.
  2. The Begger requested me to give him some food.
  3. Get rid of your bad habits.

vii. Don’t be late.

viii. Let us bell the car.

  1. please give me some food.
  2. March forward.

These were some examples of Imperative sentences for your better understanding.

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That’s all about Imperative, Further details will be updated shortly in this website.