Hello guys, this article we are going to provide you some important questions or Information Informations that you usually use related to the Internet.

Internet is used by everyone in the world, but you are using some topics or words that you may don’t know about that which are related to the Internet Service.

Q. What is ISP?

Ans: ISP’s full form is Internet Service Provider. This is a service that offers you to use the Internet.

Q. What is the full form of ‘ www’?

Ans: World wide web is the full name of ‘www’.

Q. What is the full name of HTTP?

Ans: HyperText Transfer Protocol

Q. What is ‘.com’?

Ans: This is a domain name that defines that it is based as a company.

Q. What is ‘WIFI’?

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Ans: Wifi is a device that allows you to use the Internet via Hotspot or Wifi Devices.

Q. What does 1MB refer to?

Ans: 1 MB defines you that there are 1024 Bytes.

Q. What is ” SSL”?

Ans: SSL provides you the Security of your Database. Your connection will be encrypted while you are visiting a site that uses SSL.

Q. What is the Full name of TLS?

Ans: Transport Layer Security

You should have to know these types of the internet is mcq as general information in this technological world.