This Article is to provide Top 10 Question and Answer of Class Nine English Prose Section | Assam 9th Class Important Question for Annual Examinations.

Hello Dear Students, As you know that we are providing important Question and Answer of All classes starting from 5th Class to Graduation level examination as we as Other competitive examinations.In this Article, we are going to provide you Most Important Questions of class 9th under SEBA and NCERT. This question answer will help you to pass the examination and carrying a good percentage of Number.

You have to remember these question and then understand these to implement in your examination. all the question and answer has been described in a simple language.

We have collected these question and answers under the New syllabus of Class nine.There are five prose lessons under the latest 9th class syllabus. those are –

  1. The fun they Had
    2. The sound of Music
    3. My Childhood
    4. The Bond of Love,
    5. A visit to Kaziranga and Sivasagar
  2. How was the teacher of margie and Tommy?
    Ans: bahut mar gi and tommee mechanical teacher. They were taught by them by means of computer and television screen. They had no idea about the human teachers and taught in the classroom.
  3. What was the reason behind sending teh county inspector by Margie’s Mother?
    Ans: The functioning of the mechanical teacher of Margie was not upto the mark. It had given the her test after test on Geography making her worse and worse.
  4. Why was margie doing badly in geography?
    Ans: the mechanical teaser firstly displayed the questionnaire in the computer screen which she could not adjust.
  5. Why did margie hate school? Why did Margie think that the old kind of school might have been fun?
    Ans: Margie hated her school because of her mechanical teacher. Her Teacher used to teach her in her room. she had to sit in the room alone to complete her home task and home assignment. Margie Mostly hated the slot, where margie had to put her homework and test papers. But, She feels lonely in a single room. Margie’s teacher gave her test and test in geography subject and she had been doing worse to worse. So she hated it more than ever.

she thought that the old school might have been fun because the student used to sit together in the classroom. They Could laugh and shout in the schoolyard in merry-making. Which means She feels alone during his class.

  1. How did Evelyn hear music?

Ans: Evelyn became drive at 11 years old. However, her affection for music didn’t leave her. She was resolved to have an ordinary existence and seek after her enthusiasm for music. It was Ron Forbes the perfusionist who could comprehend her latent capacity and she exhorted her not to listen music toss ears, however by some different ways.

She at that point understood that she could feel the higher drum from the midsection uP and the lower one starting from the waist. Fox start to rehash the activity and soon Evelyn could find that she could detect certain notes in various pieces of the body. She needed to open her body and brain to sounds and vibrations.

At the point when she played the xylophone, she could detect the sound going of the stick into her fingertips. she could likewise feel the reverberation following into her body by inclining toward the drum. She is utilized to eliminate her shows so the vibrations go through her uncovered feet and up her legs.

  1. Why did bismillah khan wanted to open a school in United State of America?
    Ans: bismillah khan wanted to start a shehnai school in United State of America, because there was not the holy river Ganga. The holy water of the Ganga inspired him to improve and invent raagas. It was not possible for the United State of America to transport Ganga from India to America
  2. What was the name of bismillah khan’s father and percussionist?
    Ans: bismillah khan’s father name was paigambar bux and the name of the percussionist was Ron Forbes.
  3. What was the reaction of director Vijay bhatt after hearing bismillah khan’s shehnai?
    Ana: when the film director Vijay bhatt heard bismillah khan’s shehnai he was impressed by the sound in that festival. That’s why he named a film after the instrument called ‘ goonj uthi shehnai’.