In this Article, we are going to provide you class 9 English model question paper of all poetry.

Under Seba and NCERT Class ix allpoetry and most important question and answer for final examination has given in this article with answer.

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This question and answer of 9th class student of English subject for the Assamese students, wherever he is from English medium or Assamese medium.

We have included all the poetry under Assam class 9th syllabus. There are five poetry, which is included in the the textbook. Those poetries are :

  1.  The road not taken
  2. The lake Isle of innisfree
  3. A legend of the northland
  4. No men are foreign and
  5. A slumber did my spirit seal

These are the poetries which has included as pertper syllabus for Assam class nine students.

We have not included any grammar question and answer in this article. But we have given all the important grammar question paper in this website for class 9.

  1. What do you think the last two lines of the the poem “the road not taken” mean?

Ans: In this poem the road not taken, the last two lines carried the main idea of the the poem. The poet declared that it is quite impossible for anyone to change respective choices. The poet told that a can determine someone’s future. And again the poet regrets for the not travelling on the first road.

Class IX English Poetry Important Question and Answer

  1. What does the poet ‘Robert frost’ mean by climbing ” that has made a all the difference”? Where did the road Diverge?

Ans: while recalling the days of his past, the poet thought that hi differ from the throat and took the path that many did not choose and that had made a difference. That choice determined his future.

There were two roads. This road diverged in the forest.

  1. Which one of the road did the poet opted? What did the the two roads indicated in the poem “the road not taken”?

Ans:  the poet Robert frost, Opted the second road because it was grassy and looked better. So the poet option second. road.

In the poem “the road not taken” the two roads indicated to the problems arises out of the decision-making.

  1. WhotWho was the poet of the poem “the road not taken”and what did he mean by ‘passing’?
    Ans: the poet of the poem “the road not taken” is Robert frost and he means the traffic of people who uses roads with the word passing.
  2. What kind of place of innisfree? What isthe Name of the poetthe poem ” the lake Isle of innisfree”?
    Ans: the innisfree is a very beautiful place. The poet described that the Nature dances in the glass.
    The poet of the poem The lake of Isle innisfree is ‘W.B Yeats’.
  3. What does the speaker hear in innisfree? How does the peace come to Innisfree?
    Ans: the poet WB yeats wants to go to the beautiful island innisfree, the speaker hear the sound made by the lapping of lake water the shore.
    Peace comes to Innisfree dropping from the wealth of the morning midst the sound of the cricket.

9Class Model question and answer English

  1. What was the reaction of the old lady when did Saint Peter ask? How did he punish her?
    Ans: Saint Peter ask the old lady for alms, but the lady treated him misery and did not give anything to him.

The speaker of the poem “a legend of the northland” Spanish chuda old lady by changing into a woodpecker.

  1. What is a legend? Why is this poem called a legend?
    Ans: a legend is an old story about people and events handed down from the past by the words of the month.
    This poem (a legend of the northland) is called a legend because it is women with story from the past which is far away from truth.
  2. How does the poet suggest that all the people on earth are the same in the poem “no men are foreign”?
    Ans: the poet of the poem no men are foreign, suggest that all people on earth are the same by asserting that all men work on the same earth and after that all men lie under the same earth. All human beings breath in similar manner enjoying the same sun,air and water.

Seba Nine Class English Model question

  1. How does the poet imagine her to be after death in the poem “a slumber did my spirit seal”?
    Ans: the poet does not think har as a person living in a very happy state or heaven. The poet sees her as a part of nature, that is with rocks and stones and trees of the nature.
  2. Where does the poet can see her?
    Ans: the poet can see her in rocks and stones, hills of the Nature.